Wedding Planning Tools

We’ve developed the tools we feel are essential to give you peace of mind that you have planned everything you need to for your big day. These have been designed to be simple to use and clear to understand.  



We have pre-loaded a list of the items we feel are critical to planning your big day against an ideal timescale of 12 Months +. Watch our demo of this tool here: Checklist Demo

You may have less that 12 months to plan your wedding but simply insert your wedding date at the top of the screen and click the “Set wedding date” button and the page will alter to suit this date. 

You have the freedom to fully customise the list by edit the wording, delete the item altogether or add your own tasks within each time range, to suit your individual needs. 

Click the pencil and paper icon on the right to edit any of the details, including ticking off the item as completed. 

Our pre-loaded items are only a guide and we’d always ask you check with the various parties or suppliers involved in your ceremony, to ensure these timescales suit them too. 

Countdown Timer 

Our Countdown Timer gives you the opportunity to share how long it will be until your big day!  

Choose from 4 of our background templates and insert your information. You can add a picture of you both as a couple to really personalise the feature as well as add in a quote or phrase that suits you as a couple. 

Budget Planner 

Our Budget Planner allows you to plan and keep track of the costs involved in your wedding. Watch our demo of this tool here: Budget Planner Demo

We have pre-loaded the Planner with items and typical costs for a medium sized wedding to help get you started but as with our Checklist feature, you have the flexibility to add new items, edit existing items or delete the item altogether to suit your own particular needs. 

Add your ideal budget in the box at the top of the page and keep the individual boxes up to date with your actual costs against your estimate, how much you have paid so far and see where you are against your overall budget. 

Guest List 

We have created what we feel is a simple to use Guestlist tool. 

The bar along the top of the screen gives you an overall tally of how many people are invited for the entire day, just the evening or those you are currently undecided on. 

To add a new guest, simply type their name in the box, select from “All Day”, “Evening” or “Undecided and then select which partner they are a guest of. 

Click the Add Guest button and the Guest will appear below. Once you have added the guest you also have the ability to edit their details or delete them altogether. 

Click the edit icon and you can add additional details for that guest such as their gender, whether they have RSVP’d, who they are to sit with (or avoid) as well as whether they have a role in the wedding itself, such as bridesmaid, best man, flower girl, usher and any other notes you may need. 

Your guest list will be synchronised with the Table Planning Feature!  

Idea Board 

Link your Pinterest account to our page so that you can keep all your wedding inspiration close at hand when working on planning your wedding. 

If you haven’t used Pinterest before, it’s a great place where you can save images, ideas and inspiration and we strongly recommend you sign up for an account



Here you can save any business or venue you have found in our wedding directory so that you can narrow down your favourites until you decide on your final choices. Simply click the heart icon on the business page in the directory listings to add that to your shortlist. 

Wedding Info Page & RSVP Tool

After you have registered with the site, click the “Account” button at the top of the screen to access the members area.  Wedding Info Page Demo

Go to ‘Wedding Details’ and enter as much details as you can for your wedding and be sure to keep this up to date, starting with you and your partners name and choose a PIN number – don’t use your bank pin number as you will be giving this PIN to your guests to allow them to access your wedding info page, which will give them all the details of your wedding, including the location of the ceremony and the reception. Guests can also RSVP via your wedding info page. You can watch a demo of our rsvp tool here: RSVP Demo

You will also need this PIN number to edit the details of the page on the lead up to your big day.

Here your guests will even be able to upload and share with you their favourite photos from your wedding that they took themselves.