Mr & Mrs Campbell - A Covid Wedding Story

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Mr & Mrs Campbell - A Covid Wedding Story

My husband & I are based in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland & got engaged all the way back in November of 2014!

After a long engagement we set a date for July of 2021 & finally had a date to aim for!

Even as COVID reared its ugly head in early 2020, we never thought for a minute that our 2021 wedding might be affected & had absolutely no concerns about restrictions, permitted number of guests etc

As we entered 2021 in lockdown once more we started to have real fears that our summer wedding was going to be at risk.
In early 2021, we decided that no matter what, we would keep our original date of 30th July 21, but we felt that we had better reduce the number of guests to be on the safe side.
We were originally planning 80 day guests but reduced it to just 18 immediate family & friends but were still quite relaxed about things.

The first real concern we had was when our original venue cancelled our date, due to uncertainty over what would be permitted!
At this point, we did dicuss between us if we should actually postpone but having been engaged for almost 7 years & with a new baby in our lives, we decided we still going to go ahead, but now we had the added stress of finding a new venue.

We were in luck - as we managed to book the lovely Culloden House on short notice.
We aren't fancy folk, so were initially a bit worried that maybe their tastes wouldn’t match our own - but they were wonderfully accommodating & we still had complete control! We even arranged food that was to our own taste - steak pie or fish & chips!

The day was absolutely amazing!
Although it was a lot smaller than we originally planned & with social distancing etc still in place - it was still perfect!
Upon reflection, having a smaller wedding worked out amazing for us - we felt we could speak to everyone, everyone was really relaxed & we even managed to squeeze in some time to ourselves.
Whatever you are faced with, we'd say to just go with the flow & just enjoy your day - whatever happens.
It only happens once & goes by so quickly, so do your best to savour every moment!

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