A Guide to Popular Wedding Hairstyles

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A Guide to Popular Wedding Hairstyles

Whether you are a Bride, Bridesmaid or a guest attending a wedding , you’ll know that your hairstyle on the day is of massive importance, along with your dress choice. 

Not only will the correct hairstyle make you look great, it will also get you all the compliments, which will make you feel great too! 

You have so many options available to you, that we thought it was important to show you an array of styles, that Brides and guests alike, are opting for at the moment!  

If you are unsure what will be the best look for you, your hair colour or your face shape, then get in touch your chosen stylist and arrange a hair trial to see how it looks, well in advance of your big day - you’ll be glad you did!

Big thanks to Laura at the Dolls House for providing the photos and the info!


Hairstyle: Half Up

What Laura had to say:

This is probably one of the most popular bridal styles, but it looks different on everyone!

Whether it’s full & curly or soft waves, it can be customised with braids, flowers or tiaras. This is perfect for the bride who wants to show off the hair she’s spent months growing, but it’s bit more decorative than just having their hair down, and it locks in the volume all day.


Hairstyle: Braids

What Laura had to say:
Braids are always so popular. My favourite is a dutch braid as it really stands out! Braids look best on blonde, highlighted hair. Brides with darker hair could consider some subtle highlights to add dimension to their style. Personally, I prefer braids to one side, with an accessory on the other side - so it doesn’t look too fussy!

Hairstyle: Statement Looms

What Laura had to say:

The perfect way to pull your theme together! Sometimes classic, sometimes modern but always beautiful & feminine. I love winding hair, loosely around a flower crown or arranging individual blooms to accentuate an this look.

Hairstyle: Hair Extensions

What Laura had to say:

I thought it worth a mention that we also do hair extensions at The Dolls House, which is perfect for brides.

You can have weaves, which are perfect for adding length and thickness, and nano rings, which are super discreet for those with finer hair. 

Whether you want to add length or just a little thickness to fill out those awkward side bits that just won’t grow… why not come in for a free consultation and find out more

Hairstyle: Soft & Loose

What Laura had to say:

At the moment, around 9 out of 10 clients are asking for styles that are soft and flattering around their faces and not ’scraped back’. 

I always consult with my clients, throughout the styling to make sure we get just the right amount of volume and the perfect amount of hair down for that carefully constructed effortless look!

Hairstyle: Vintage

What Laura had to say:

I’m always really excited when a bride goes for a vintage vibe! Whether it’s Hollywood waves or an elegant swirling updo, it’s sure to turn heads. 





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