Our Top 5 Honeymoon Ideas

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Our Top 5 Honeymoon Ideas

Choosing a Honeymoon destination can be a long and frustrating task.

We have hand picked our top 5 Honeymoon ideas/destinations to save you a little time and effort.

1.  Mediterranean Cruise
A cruise has so much to offer. It is a great way to pack in as much as possible into a short amount of time and is not only for the older generation. We are a little biased on this first idea as this is how we honeymooned back in 2010.
We visited 7 cities on our 12 day cruise around the Mediterranean giving us all the exploring we could imagine in the most beautiful cities. The boat itself can offer amazing food, drink and activities every single day of your trip. 
Wander around some of the most beautiful cities in the world
Plan excursions to make the most of your time
Relax by the pool or book into the onboard spa for some extra indulgence
Choose from a variety of restaurants to dine in every night

Travel time is very dependent on how far you would like to go, ranging from 1-6 hours driving time

2.  Bora Bora
The over water bungalows, white beaches and crystal clear waters are the stuff honeymoon dreams are made of.
If you are looking for pure relaxation and privacy, then Bora Bora could be the destination for you and your new spouse.
Snorkel with the local sea life
Take a relaxing canoe ride
If you are feeling a little more adventurous why not plan a helicopter ride
Picnic on a deserted island
Bora Bora is approximately a 30 hour journey from Scotland

3.  Santorini, Greece
Famous for its white washed buildings and beautiful sunsets, Santorini offers the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration.
Lounge by the pool
Go for a wander around the boutique shops
Book a boat trip to see the island from a new perspective
Santorini is approximately a 5 hour flight from Scotland.

4.  The French Riviera – Cote D Azur
The South of France is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. Why not hire a car and spend a few days in the luxury that the Cote D Azur has to offer.
Stop in Monaco and Cannes for a chance to spot some of the world’s biggest celebrities on their Yachts or relax on the endless glamorous beaches while indulging in the beautiful food the region has to offer.
Wander through the beautiful streets and markets
Spend the day on the endless glamorous beaches
Shop until you drop amongst the celebrities in Cannes
With a flight time of under 3 hours from Scotland, you will be Honeymooning in no time.

5.  Scotland
It wouldn’t be right to exclude our own fair country in our top picks for Honeymoons.

Whether you are looking for a longer stay or a mini-moon, Scotland has to offer some of the most stunning destinations to unwind after your big day.
For total seclusion and peace, why not hire a house on the West Coast? A few days alone with your new spouse after all the stress of wedding planning could be just the ticket. 

If you are more adventurous, hop in the car and take a tour around the North Coast 500, stopping in cosy Bed & Breakfasts along the way.
Stroll around beautiful historic towns and villages
Bask in history by visiting amazing Castles and Ruins
Relax in some of the Scotlands best spas
Travel time is very dependent on how far you would like to go, ranging from 1-6 hours driving time





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