Scottish Governments New Guidance for Covid-19

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Scottish Governments New Guidance for Covid-19


Today, the Scottish Government published a Routemap for the country to hopefully work its way to a safe new future, whilst we deal with Coronavirus.

As there is still so much to learn about the virus, we can’t be given any assurances or set timescales on the various phases, as this is still a new situation for everyone and we don’t know what the virus is going to do in the coming weeks, months and maybe even year, but the progress will be reviewed every 3 weeks, as it currently is and we all have our fingers crossed that we progress through the phases quickly and safely. 

So to very briefly interpret our understanding of the routemap - with particular regards to weddings;

There are 5 Phases and to be able to progress to the next phase, set criteria has to be met and if the virus shows signs of increasing to unsafe or unmanageable levels, that a reversal of the phases or in a worst case scenario - a return back to Lockdown is to be expected. 

The initial Phase, where we currently are is;


No public gatherings of more than 2 people
No mass gatherings
Funerals take place with limited number of attendees.

Phase 1 – To be confirmed but due to start May 28th 2020

No public gatherings permitted, except for meetings of 2 households, outdoors and with physical distancing

Phase 2

Registration offices open for High Priority tasks.
Places of worship open for private prayer under physical distancing rules and hygiene safeguards.
Allow Marriages and civil partnerships and other types of ceremonies to take place with minimal number of attendees

Phase 3

People can meet in extended groups, subject to physical distancing.
Places of worship open to extended groups subject to physical distancing and hygiene safeguards.
Relaxation of restrictions to attendance at funerals, marriages and civil partnerships beyond “close family”.

Phase 4

Mass gatherings resume in line with public health advice.
All ceremonies can take place, with improved hygiene and other precautions.

In terms of weddings, it shows that Phase 2 will “Allow Marriages…with minimal number of attendees”, however reading the other pages of the document, it doesn’t appear that indoor venues will re-open until Phase 3, so you wouldn’t be looking any sort of traditional wedding reception yet.

Phase 3 wills see a relaxation of restrictions to attendance beyond “close family”, so still very small ceremonies. It looks like this might be the earliest phase, where indoor venues can re-open but subject to physical distancing, so it looks as though still no contact with others at this phase.

Phase 4 will hopefully be more like normal, where it is hoped that the impact of the virus is so low, that all ceremonies can take place “…with any necessary precautions”. 

For us, this is what we expected to see at this early stage and appreciate it doesn’t really give any answers.

We have to stick to the rules at all times to give ourselves the best chance to move through the phases quickly and safely and the message for Phase 1, after Lockdown is still very much to “Stay at Home” as much as possible.

We’d like to hear if Coronavirus has altered the type of wedding you are planning now, compared to what you envisaged before COVID-19 reared its ugly head.

Are you thinking of a more intimate wedding now (less attendees), thinking of an outdoor wedding space or looking to hold-off until Phase 4 is known, in the hope of a traditional knees-up with all your nearest and dearest?

Wedding Venues – how are you planning ahead – we’d love to hear from you too?

You can view the government document in its entirety at the following link:


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