Sam & Rory - A Covid Wedding Story

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Sam & Rory - A Covid Wedding Story


Time won’t wait & neither will love - the story of Mr & Mrs Macfarlane! Congratulations guys!

We were due to be married on 19th September 2020 & had hoped for a huge Scottish wedding!

Then COVID arrived & gave us many months wondering what we should we do...

We eventually agreed that we would only go ahead if we could have 50 guests - so when that began to look less likely as the year went on, we had to think again. 

When had long dreamt of getting married in Colintraive, on the West coast, where there is a family home. We sadly lost Rory's Mum 2 years ago but with so many happy memories in Colintraive, it felt like we should marry there.

When we started planning, we soon realised that it would be virtually impossible to have 150 guests there, so we reluctantly gave up on the idea & searched for something more suitable.

We found a venue, but ended up postponing for a year & then after swithering for a bit, we thought we would use the reduced numbers to our advantage & tie the knot in a small ceremony at the top of the jetty in Colintraive.

Luckily, at the time we could have 20 people, so we decided to have immediate family & our bridal party. 

Just over a week before the big day, it was announced that wedding receptions were only permitted in "venues". 

We contacted the Colintraive Hotel & superstars Claire, Joe & their team there pulled together to throw us an incredible reception - the food was unreal.

Not only that, but we were so incredibly lucky to also have a heatwave weekend & the sun shone down on us all day. 

We are so so glad that we decided not to put off our wedding in the end, as my Dad then sadly passed away at the beginning of this year & for me, I’ll be forever grateful that he was there to give me away to Rory.

Love doesn’t have to wait for anything.

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Photographer : Calum Riddell Photography


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