Priya & Sandeep - A Covid Wedding Story

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Priya & Sandeep - A Covid Wedding Story

A CORONAVIRUS WEDDING STORY - Date of Story - 11th August 2020

Over the course of the weekend we had a lovely couple get in touch to share their Coronavirus wedding story with us & said we could do likewise - in the hope that anyone struggling to come to terms with their own wedding disruption would take some comfort from their story...

“Sandeep & I met a little under two years ago & have been in a long-distance relationship since. It has not been the easiest ride with many people opposing our union from the very start, however somehow the love we had for each other saw us through. After much difficultly, we fixed a date to get married in Malaysia on the 6th May 2020. All was set to go, & then enters COVID-19 into our world. Our wedding, like so many others had to be postponed & furthermore, due to travel restrictions, I was stranded in London, away from Sandeep indefinitely. I did not know when I’ll see Sandeep again & it was by far the most difficult period of the story so far.

One day, I couldn’t take it anymore & broke down telling my dad ‘I feel like there is a huge mountain in front of me & I just don’t know how to climb over it.’ He said ‘Don’t go over it, just go around it!’ These words together with Sandeep’s encouragement & strength, I decided to call every council in the country requesting them to marry us. It was not easy as most, if not all but one, listened to our story & finally agreed to marry us under special circumstances.

Miraculously, we were granted the opportunity to marry outside a small music venue in Scotland under a tiny stoned archway with 4 guests present, a webex link filled with friends & family watching us, as we make the most important declaration of our lives. The ceremony was like nothing I’ve witnessed before & no doubt had the same divine presence which has been following us throughout this story.

Moral: Don’t try & go over the mountain, go around it! There is always a way. So, here is to love, endurance and most importantly Choices! Cheers ????”

We want to wish @Priya Krishnan Priya & Sandeep, a long, happy & healthy life together - congratulations!

If you have married during the pandemic we’d love to hear your story too!


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