Pamela & Steven - A Covid Wedding Story

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Pamela & Steven - A Covid Wedding Story

Covid Wedding Story

Mr & Mrs L! 

“My husband & I planned our wedding for the 10th December 2020 for 2 years. Although we met & live in Liverpool, Steven was born & raised in Lanarkshire, so we always wanted to get married there.

When COVID appeared in 2020 & with December still a long way off, we weren’t worried. It was only when Lanarkshire went into Tier 3 that we did. We agreed early on that we would stick to our date, no matter what.

However, just 30 days before our date, our venue told us that they were closing to cut costs - in Tier 3(not Tier 4) & there was no guarantee they would re-open...thats when panic set in!

We immediately started phoning around to try to secure a venue close by & only a few got back to us. I complied pro’s & cons for each & Steven gave me his yes & no’s.

We couldn’t agree on the venue, so let’s just say I won that one!

We changed the menu & reduced our guests to make 20...then just 20 days before our date...Lockdown! Our new venue called to explain it was now ceremony-only, no sit down meal & no accommodation for guests either - another panic!

We messaged everyone again to explain...including my mum, who would’ve had to travel 13 hours e/w on the train in one day from Cornwall, just for a 30 minute ceremony! She was upset but she understood.

Nothing was going to stop us though - the most important thing for us was just getting married!

Our day began at 4.30am & due to all the travelling, the day went by in a flash. The only time we felt relaxed was later that night, when we arrived back in Liverpool. We had booked a Wedding Night in the Shankly Hotel & enjoyed a festive meal, whilst reflecting on our whirlwind of a day!

I still felt like a princess on the day & I got so many compliments on my dress, as did Steven in his kilt, especially back in England!

Our advice to others is to just go for it!

You don’t need hundreds to be there for the wedding - you can all celebrate later, when it’s safe to do so!

We were going to have a reception later this year but with how the year has started, we’ve decided to save for a special honeymoon next year instead! ☀️ ”

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