Our Top tips for planning a sustainable wedding

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Our Top tips for planning a sustainable wedding

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, but have your thought about its effect on the environment? 

Climate change is a huge issue which has become more and more apparent in recent years, and in general, most people are finding small ways to reduce their impact on the environment in their everyday lives & even their weddings.

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, we have put together our top 5 ways you can plan a sustainable wedding, we hope you can incorporate a few of these into your wedding planning and together we can all do out bit. 

1. Wedding Invitations - Your wedding stationery is a big part of your day and as many suppliers are looking at ways to be sustainable, its easier than ever to find stationery that helps the environment. Having your invitations printed on recycled card or paper is an easy way to be sustainable without compromising on style. Another fairly new idea is seeded paper, once the wedding is over, your guests can simply plant their invitation and plants or flowers will grow. 

2. Wedding Favours - There are lots of options when it comes to sustainable wedding favours, edible favours in recyclable wrapping or simply something that can be used in everyday life. You would be surprised at how many wedding favours are left behind at the venue so a donation to your favourite charity might be a good option. If you don't have a favourite, try searching for one who's focus is the environment. 

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3. Wedding Rings - When it comes to choosing your engagement or wedding rings, you can track the origins of your diamonds or precious stones, you wouldn't unknowingly want a blood diamond on your finger for the rest of your days. You can ask your Jeweller if they are committed to providing conflict-free stones. Lab created stones are a great conflict-free alternative, Moissanite is a rare, naturally occurring mineral that is lab grown & causes no harm to the earth in the process. If you would like to be even more eco friendly, perhaps a family heirloom or vintage ring would be an option, there are some exquisite styles that have come into fashion again and you can find some real bargains. 

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4. Honeymoon - Now, we are not suggesting that you go camping in the wilderness for your honeymoon, but, there are ways that you can make your dream honeymoon more sustainable. Many resorts are finding ways to be sustainable whether its solar power or reusing water. You can donate to local conservation projects where you are staying, visit sanctuaries where your entrance fee goes towards taking care of the wildlife & area protected. 

5. Confetti - Plastics & confetti can wreak havoc on the eco system and luckily eco friendly options are now widely available. You can choose from plant based confetti such as dried flowers, Lavender & herbs, which can be given to your guests in recycled paper bags or cones to reduce the waste even further.

We would love to hear about ways that you are making your wedding more sustainable & any recommendations you have for other couples. 

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