Maribel & Andrew - A Covid Wedding Story

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Maribel & Andrew - A Covid Wedding Story

A CORONAVIRUS WEDDING STORY - Date of Story - 8th October 2020

While we wait for the Scottish Government to get back to us to confirm exactly what can happen at weddings at the moment (hopefully tomorrow), we thought it would be nice to share another beautiful Coronavirus Wedding Story, this time from Andrew & Maribel...congratulations guys!

“Because I'm Mexican, & Andrew my husband is Scottish, we always planned to have a big wedding in Mexico & a smaller one in Scotland”.

Our Scottish Wedding, for Andrews family was originally planned for June.
In the end, Covid changed our plans a lot & we had to postpone until September & reduce our numbers to a small group of our nearest & dearest.

With all the limitations of COVID, we wanted our wedding day to be extra special!
We ended up booking Fonab Castle & having a truly Scottish Ceremony, including traditions such as Handfasting & a Quaich Ceremony, as well as our vows.

We even managed to set up a live stream of the ceremony for our friends & family in Scotland & Mexico!

My parents & sister came all the way over from Mexico for the ceremony, even when they had to do a 15 day quarantine, so having them here was extremely special for me!

Looking back at our ceremony, I think everything was meant to be, as the whole day was beautiful, extremely emotional & very special.

My sister, my dad & my sister-in-law gave beautiful speeches, with my sister helping by translating into Spanish. My husband gave his vows in Spanish too - everything felt so intimate, that I couldn’t imagine it any other way!

We think because of the pandemic, things were more intimate & emotional. We knew how special it was to celebrate love during a difficult time for everyone around the world & to be with those closest to us for our wedding, we feel created a very special bond that day.

Our advice would be that if you don't fancy waiting a long time to be Wed - Don't overthink it...Get married & have a very special intimate ceremony & leave the big party for the future! We are now happily married & looking forward to a big, stress free celebration in the future!

Photographer - Iain Struthers Photography

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