Kirsty & Paul - A Covid Wedding Story

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Kirsty & Paul - A Covid Wedding Story

COVID Wedding Story
“3rd Time Lucky!”

Having spent almost 3 years planning our dream wedding in March 2020, COVID came at the worst time for us.
We anxiously watched all the news updates & received the dreaded phone call, just 5 days before our date, that we were going into lockdown.

After days of crying, we rearranged for October 2020, thinking that all would be normal by then & we were able to rearrange most of our suppliers to our new date too!

As COVID got worse, we soon realised that we would not have the day we had dreamed of, but we wanted to get married 1st & foremost, so decided to go ahead with 20 guests!

As our new date drew closer, we felt quite relaxed, knowing it would soon be our big day - we genuinely felt that our luck had changed!

Then, on the 7th October, we received a call, that brought our wedding plans crumbling down for a 2nd time. Our son had been in contact with someone at his nursery with COVID & had to isolate! The wedding was cancelled a 2nd time - just a day & a half before our new date!

Rather than dwell, we felt more determined than ever to get married & to put to bed all the nerves & anxiety we had, so we rearranged for the day after our sons’ isolation!
The hotel, our humanist & photographer were all available! We had a mad scramble to get a 3rd cake made but friends & family rallied to help!

Then, just 1 day before the wedding, we got a call to say there had been a massive flood & the room we were using to get married in, was unusable. Nothing would stop us this time, so we trusted the venue to sort another room - this wedding was happening, no matter what!
Finally, our day arrived!

With the rules at the time, I had to do my own hair, make-up, tan & nails!

With all that had happened before - the instant relief at finally managing to get married at the 3rd attempt felt incredible!

The wedding was so intimate, as we had more time for our 20 guests.
It truly was the best day ever, despite not being anything like the day we had originally planned.

At the end of the day, marrying the person you love is the most important thing - nothing else matters!
???? Victoria Charlotte Rose


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