Caroline & Iain - A Covid Wedding Story

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Caroline & Iain - A Covid Wedding Story

A CORONAVIRUS WEDDING STORY - Date of Story - 30th January 2021

We haven’t shared a COVID wedding story in a while, so with 2021 feeling a lot like the start of 2020 right now, we thought it would be a nice time to share the 1st one of 2021!

Please join us in congratulating the new Mr & Mrs Peteranna & here is their story:

“With such a large family My Husband & I had originally planned a typically big Scottish wedding of around 120 guests.

Having looked forward to 2020 for so long already, we nervously watched the situation with COVID unravel at the start of the year.

We were devastated to have to postpone our first date in May, as weddings couldn’t take place & then booked a new date offered by our venue for November, that most of our suppliers were available for too - with us all hoping that by then, we might be back to something resembling normality.

As the year went on, we kept a close eye on the updates & could see that a ‘normal’ wedding wasn’t going to happen & that we would likely be going ahead with 20 guests.

We would have loved to have the big day & party to celebrate, but we just couldn’t move the date again - as with so many others in our situation, we just had no idea if or when anything might change for the better.

As nervous as we were to go ahead with 20, we are so glad we did. Having our immediate families there was the most important thing to us & the intimacy of the day reminded us why we wanted to get married in the first place!

Please don’t be discouraged to go ahead with your wedding if you are in a similar position, as the lockdown restrictions ease. Some things are just out of our control, so all we can try to do, is to make the best of it.”

Photographer- Andi Watson Photography


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