Our Engagement & Wedding Rings

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Our Engagement & Wedding Rings


When we got engaged (many moons ago) we’d already been living together for some time. Roddy knew that I would love any ring that he proposed to me with but he also knew that I would be even happier to have a day out together, to choose a ring - so when the day came - he proposed without one!

The first photo is the ring we ended up with. The surprising thing is that although a joint choice, this was not the style I had dreamt for years of having but it made such a difference to see the ring styles, colours & options in person & to try them on.

I originally dreamt of a square cut, trilogy ring, with a larger diamond in the middle and a smaller diamond on each side but when we tried it on, it really didn’t suit my hand - so I’m very thankful that Roddy didn’t go & buy the style I often talked about!

We went out had a day going around all the local Inverness jewellers and settled on this one. My wedding band is just a plain & simple band, which we felt went best with the engagement ring. Roddy’s band is a bit more bling with 3 small diamonds, one for our past, present & future.

We both have the initials D.M.N.S engraved in our rings, short for ‘Donec Mors Nos Separaverit’, which we understand is Latin for ‘Until Separated By Death’ - after Roddy had stumbled across the phrase in an ancient tale he had read online & we stuck with it since then! We’ve even got it tattooed on each of us as a reminder of our vow - maybe that’s a future post if that’s something people want to see?!

When things open up again & you’re in a position to be proposed to, maybe get out there & check out some rings in advance to make sure you end up with one you love, as well as one that suits you! Either way, getting engaged is a great time in a relationship, so no matter the ring, it’s the meaning behind it that counts.

I’m dropping serious hints for an eternity ring now, as our 10 year wedding anniversary is only a month away! Like many couples out there having to postpone their wedding, we’d hoped to celebrate 10 years with something special, before Coronavirus reared it’s ugly head!

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